Frivolous Waste of Time

Sci-fi, fantasy and video games



I used to have a really pretentious description here. I noticed it again recently and it made me cringe so hard I wanted to tear out my own eyes.

In the interest of preserving my sight, I’ve changed it to something a bit more simple. I review science fiction and fantasy novels, as well as videogames, primarily for the PS4 and Nintendo consoles. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi. I am writing my masters thesis on the Demon Cycle by Peter Brett and how it is an allegorical reflection of post 9/11 concerns. I wanted to quote your critique about Brett’s use of rape as literary device but to be able to quote and create a valid citation I’d need your full name and maybe a little about you if your professional life is related to Education, Fantasy, journalism or Psychology.


    Mariam Hussain

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