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Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest for Nintendo 3DS

Two down, one to go! This probably won’t be a long review as much of what I said about Birthright applies here, but overall I enjoyed Conquest much more.  
When the prince/princess Corrin is forced to choose between her birth family, the noble and peaceful Hoshido, or her adopted family, the aggressive and mighty Nohr, Conquest sees Corrin choosing the latter. This is a much darker tale than Birthright’s, which was a relatively straightforward march towards the enemy and revenge. It’s also a lot more interesting. Nohr are very much the more evil of the two choices and seeing Corrin and her friends try to balance their inherent kindness and nobility with the evil asked of them is quite interesting to follow. One of my biggest issues with Birthright was the lack of memorable characters and this is an issue which Conquest does not have at all. From the melodramatic sorcerer Odin to the psychopathic bloodthirsty Peri to the unlucky chivalrous knight Arthur, Conquest is packed with memorable and entertaining characters. It’s difficult to express just how much of a difference this makes; levelling up and building a warrior is pretty satisfying when they’re bland warriors but having them be a likeable eccentric elevates the experience. These aren’t complicated characters and frankly they’re better for it; Fire Emblem characters don’t need to be complicated, they need to be memorable.  
Mechanically Conquest is naturally very similar to Birthright, but a fair bit trickier in a number of ways. First of all is the lack of challenge missions to grind; as with the pre-Awakening Fire Emblems, EXP is a valuable and finite commodity which has to be shared tactically. Getting the best out of my forces was an added layer of strategy I really enjoyed. The actual mission variety itself is also greatly increased; in Birthright almost all missions simply involve killing everything. There are loads of very interesting missions in Conquest, which genuinely force you to adjust your strategies and play style. It makes for a much more challenging experience, but an all round better one.  
Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest is an excellent game and one which I enjoyed quite a lot more than it’s sister release Birthright. Only one left to go now; onto Revelation! 



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