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Pix the Cat for PS4, PS Vita and PC

Pix the Cat is a fun, light and endearing arcade-y puzzle game which wiled away a pleasant few hours. I don’t have a huge amount more than that to say, but I’ll give a quick overview.

Pix the Cat’s main mode is a series of Pac-Man esque rooms where the titular protagonist must collect a horde of ducklings from eggs and lead them into holes before exiting the room. That’s not very clear is it? Let me explain. In practice, Pix the Cat plays most like a much more complex version of Snake, being a game about maneuvering an increasingly unwieldy length which moves at faster and faster speeds. You can’t allow your trail of ducklings to cross, so navigating the levels is tricky and precise and most of all fast. It’s mindlessly good fun and there are lots of fun unlockables for completing certain challenges. It’s a very satisfying game to play, but not necessarily particularly compelling.

There’s more to this game than just the Arcade stuff, with the Laboratory being one of the best modes. In the Laboratory, every ten levels adds a new mechanic, with you generally only being able to slide across the entire level on your way to completion. These get properly tricky, but a lot of fun and represented the best part of the game for me. There are a few other modes as well, which I won’t spoil here, but Pix the Cat certainly does have a lot more going on than meets the eye.

Everything is assisted by a hyper adorable and energetic visual style, all flashing lights and ‘kawaii.’ The whole vibe of Pix the Cat is steeped in Japanese mascot culture but with a Western twist which makes it quite interesting to look at. The music is excellent too, with the presentation doing a huge amount to support the experience.

Although not my favourite PS+ game, Pix the Cat was a lot of fun. I wonder if I would have liked it so much without the hyperactive style, but it’s something that I got a few fun hours out of regardless.pix_the_cat_001-1024x576


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