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OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood for PS4 and PS Vita

OlliOlli2 is a game which can be boiled down entirely to it’s core mechanics. There’s very little fat in OlliOlli2, giving an experience which is technically close to perfect if not necessarily particularly interesting. That said, this isn’t really my genre and likely wouldn’t have played this game without PS+. I had fun with it though!

OlliOlli2 is a skating game, but a far cry from the 3D skatepark arenas of the Tony Hawks of old. It’s an endless runner in a way, but that does the game a disservice. There are all sorts of complex and fiddly tricks to pull off as you thunder through the levels, although at first just making it to the end is an achievement, particularly later on. To maintain speed you must time landings and grinds perfectly, but when you get into that flow that games like this rely upon it all becomes unbelievably satisfying. There’s a lot of content too, with regular new challenges updated for free. This is the kind of game designed for people who love to chase high scores; I’m not that competitive, so this stuff didn’t really hook me.

This is a tough game, but the difficulty sometimes felt a bit cheap. There were a few times where I died because I was going too fast and I was overshooting, essentially punishing me for maintaining speed. Whether this was an intentional layer of difficulty or not, I hated this, as it essentially punishes you for doing well at the core mechanics. Now, whenever you criticise the difficulty of a game the internet tends to just tell you that you’re being a filthy casual, but I genuinely like difficulty. Just look at my utter adoration of Bloodborne! I hate cheapness though and OlliOlli2’s partially blighted the experience for me.

That said, it all looks and sounds rather lovely. The art style is simple, clean and effective with good animations for your little skater man. The music is good too, managing to be both distinctive and non-distracting. This is an undoubtedly smooth product.

OlliOlli2 isn’t quite my cup of tea, but I can certainly recognise its value. I had a good time with it, but I’m sure that there are people out there who will have an amazing time with it.  olliolli2-welcome-to-olliwood-listing-thumb-01-ps4-ps3-psv-us-27oct14


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