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inFamous: First Light for PS4

inFamous: Second Son was my first game for the PS4 and, although it wasn’t, it always felt like a ‘launch game’ to me. You know the type; competent but a little lightweight, a teaser for better stuff to come. I did enjoy my time with the game though, so was happy to briefly slip back into Seattle to blast stuff with lasers. It’s kind of hard not to enjoy something like that.

First Light is a prequel focusing on Fetch, the disturbed and violent young woman encountered by Delsin during the main game. The game is told through the frame narrative of Fetch, real name Abigail, relating her tale to Augustine in the conduit prison Curdun Cay prior to her escape at the beginning of Second Son. Fetch arrived in Seattle with her brother Brent, fresh from kicking her drug habit and ready to start a new life, keeping her neon powers hidden. It’s not long however until Fetch is forced to use her powers, putting her protector Brent in danger, leaving Fetch desperate to save him.

Fetch was the best character in the main game, so it was nice to see more of her and see how she became the way she is. That said, none of it feels particularly impactful and I never really brought the more emotional moment. Second Son was based around a sibling bond too, but there it had time to develop. Here, Brent is almost immediately in peril so I couldn’t get as invested in Fetch’s devotion to him as I might. The villain is also a bit ridiculous, certainly loathsome, but not especially compelling; Augustine in the main game was much better.

First Light doesn’t add much to the gameplay mix from Second Son. It feels like a bit of a loss not to have the range of powers Delsin had at his disposal, but the neon was my favourite anyway so no huge loss. Most missions involve running somewhere, fighting some bad guys and then rinse and repeat. There isn’t much mission variety, but this did just make me appreciate how fun the core mechanics of Second Son are. I love how mobile you have to be, zipping all over the place to avoid enemy fire. There’s a challenge mode if you’re into that sort of thing, but I’m not so I focused on the story and side content. It’s not too exciting exploring Seattle a second time and I wish they’d taken more time and even charged more and given us a whole new setting. First Light is more of the same, but that’s not the end of the world.

Not far off a year later, inFamous: Second Son is one of the best looking games on the PS4 and First Light lives up to it. The faces are realistic but not with an uncanny valley effect and the neon powers look great. The music is entirely forgettable and the voice acting fine, with the standout being Fetch unsurprisingly. First Light doesn’t do anything particularly interesting in its presentation, but with a source as strong as Second Son it doesn’t really need to.

If you want more Second Son, First Light will be right up your sleeve. There’s not really much else to it than that.Infamous_First_Light_cover_art


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