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Titan Attacks! for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

Ok, it technically wasn’t the first game ever made, but I think Space Invaders may be the first fun game ever made. It would be pretty difficult to create a modern and fun re-imagining of Pong wouldn’t it? That’s what Titan Attacks is basically, an update to Space Invaders. If that sounds like your sort of thing you’ll probably like it, if that sounds like retro nostalgia wank then, well, you won’t.

Titan Attacks is, appropriately, an arcade style experience. The basic gameplay is Space Invaders, as you control a cannon firing upwards against rows of gradually lowering alien invaders. There are some twists on the formula with different enemy types and an upgrade system between levels to boost your shields or firepower. That’s it really. It’s quite fun, although a bit sluggish. That’s probably a matter of taste though, I like my shooty games a bit faster paced, but the element of carefully predicting your enemy’s location when you fire is an undeniable part of the Space Invaders experience.

The game looks alright, but it’s not particularly stylish or interesting to look at. Perhaps that makes me a bit superficial, but I do like a bit of style in my ‘modern-retro’ games. The music is just sort of there and I felt throughout the experience that the whole thing could have used a bit more pizzazz. Many may like the stripped back style however.

Titan Attacks is a nice little diversion which I probably mostly enjoyed because I got it for free with PS+. It’s not really my sort of thing, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy my time with this game.header


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