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PullBlox World for Wii U

I really enjoyed the original PullBlox on the 3DS, but the sequel FallBlox didn’t appeal to me nearly as much. I liked that it shook up the formula, but I found the inability to tell whether you’ve screwed up beyond repair very frustrating. PullBlox World is therefore a welcome return to the gameplay I enjoyed in the original, although admittedly little has changed.

As with the original, a bunch of kids have been trapped in PullBlox and it’s up to Mallo to rescue them. There are a large series of puzzles which are solved by dragging and pushing platforms in a structure to reach the top. The mechanics are just as simple and brilliant as they were in the original, with new wrinkles introduced regularly to keep things interesting. Returning features such as buttons which push out all blocks of that colour or shortcuts to other areas on the structure keep things from getting stale. New mechanics are explored in side levels, such as structures where pulling or pushing a block also moves all blocks of that colour.

PullBlox World is a lengthy experience with plenty of challenging puzzles to keep you mulling over for a long time. I suppose the only really bad thing that can be said is that is really doesn’t add much from the original, with several puzzles lifted straight from the 3DS version. This is probably the definitive PullBlox experience though, so if you only buy one, definitely go for this one.

The extra power of the Wii U makes PullBlox look even nicer and cleaner than it did in the original, but this isn’t exactly a technical showcase. The music is still fairly annoying, but this is a game meant to be played watching something else so it doesn’t really matter.

There’s not much to say about PullBlox World. Did you like PullBlox? You’ll like this. If you haven’t played PullBlox even better! This is an addictive and charming puzzle game and well worth a play.TM_WiiUDS_PullbloxWorld


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