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Towerfall: Ascension for PS4, PC, Mac OS X and Linux

Well, that was a lot of fun. After the heavy brilliance of The Last of Us, Towerfall: Ascension is a lovely palette cleanser. Light, simple, fun and pretty damn tough. Just a heads up, I’m well aware that this is a multiplayer focused game, but individual PS4 controllers are obscenely expensive at the moment, so I’m going to wait a while until I get one.

Towerfall: Ascension’s single player doesn’t have a story, so I’ll get right to it. Towerfall: Ascension is an archery based arena game, with elements of Super Smash Bros. and Pac-Man weaved in. Each level is a different arena, with the top looping to the bottom and the left to the right in classic Pac-Man style. The player fights wave after wave of monsters, which can either be dispatched with arrows or by stomping on their head. You carry limited ammunition at a time, meaning arrows have to be retrieved from walls or the corpses of foes. You’ll also be regularly given power ups, such as wings which grant you the power of flight, bomb arrows or shields…and that’s pretty much it!

Towerfall is very simple, but so much fun. It’s also really tough, with a huge amount of enemies on screen with a variety of attack patterns to contend with. It’s never unfair though, and has a massive ‘just one more go’ appeal. There are only nine levels in the single player campaign, but there’s quite a lot of variety nonetheless. It’s a light package, but a very worthwhile one.

The graphics are classic pixel art, and it all looks very nice without becoming too cluttered and distracting. The music is pretty good as well, and the sound effects satisfying. There’s not much else to say about the presentation; it’s just really good.

This may be the game that pushes me to get a second controller, and I’m desperately awaiting a price drop or a third party version. Purely as a single player experience I still had a lot of fun with Towerfall though; I cannot wait to give the multiplayer a try!ps4-game-7958_lower_marq


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