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Resogun for PS4

This side scrolling space shooter genre isn’t one I typically go for, but from the clear love this game was getting at the PS4 launch, I couldn’t hold out forever. In the end, as good as it is, I still only got limited enjoyment from it. Still, the time I did spend with it was worthwhile.

Rather than being a linear journey from left to right, the five levels of Resogun are instead rings which the player can move left and right on freely, firing in both directions, fighting off waves and waves of alien foes and rescuing humans. There are some tools at your disposal, such as a bomb and the ‘overdrive’ mode which sees your ship briefly firing out a deadly beam to instantly obliterate any foes in the way. Simply put, it’s a huge amount of fun, and oddly hypnotic.

One of the coolest features in Resogun is the flexibility and range of ships which can be used, which genuinely do play quite differently. Since a recent update, you can download ships created by other players. This is largely cosmetic, but a lot of fun; I ended up finishing the final level for the first time with Stephen Hawking. There are plenty of different modes and difficulty levels, so the relatively small five levels gives a lot of value, if you’re the kind of gamer who is interested in high scores and whatnot. The thing is, I’m really not, so I didn’t really play any of the levels more than a couple of times, but I enjoyed the brief time I had with it and absolutely see how someone could sink loads of time into this game.

Two areas that I could enjoy unequivocally are the visuals and music. The game is beautiful and chaotic, whilst still being clear and not too confusing. It’s a genuine sensory treat and shows off the PS4s capability better than a lot of the AAA titles available at launch.

Resogun is not quite my thing, but I can definitely see the quality here. If you have a competitive streak, or have that compulsion to always beat your high score, Resogun will be a great experience. If you’re someone like me though, who is more focused on novelty and variety…wait until it’s on sale like I did, because it probably is still worth playing.Resogun


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