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Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark – Ultimate Edition for PS4

I only really got an idea of this game when the sequel was announced as, happily enough, a Wii U exclusive. Well, now I’m even more excited, as I loved Stealth Inc. It’s a hugely satisfying game, with rock solid mechanics.

There isn’t much of a story, but there’s a bit of a Portal-y esque atmosphere. You play as a clone used to test items in incredibly dangerous environments, goaded by words which appear on the wall. The plot stays in the background, but it’s funny and has a hilarious ending.

Stealth Inc is a platformer/stealth game, with a strong emphasis on puzzle solving. The levels are filled with traps and robots which will obliterate your clone in an amusingly violent manner, so sticking to the shadows is a must. Stealth Inc follows that key stealth game rule of making it clear when foes can and can’t see you, and is probably my favourite stealth experience since Mark of the Ninja. Stealth Inc does well on the puzzles as well, with some incredibly fun and well-designed levels, as well as some really strong twitch platforming. It’s not especially challenging, but really well put together and fun. There’s lots of pushing around blocks and activating switches, stuff we’ve all done before, but mixed with the stealth mechanic it comes together into something which feels very fresh.

There’s a lot of game here, with plenty of levels, with the Ultimate Edition also containing the two DLCs, one focusing on portals and the other on a back to basics challenge. Each of the 8 worlds introduces a new mechanic, so things are constantly kept fresh and exciting. The game is simplistic but stylish, but most importantly it’s clear. There’s never confusion about what will and won’t kill you, making everything feel really controlled and every death (and there will be lots), feel fair. The music is really great as well, really tense and exciting. Stealth Inc puts clarity first, to its strength.

Stealth Inc is simply a huge amount of fun, coming packed with ingenious level design and a gloriously sadistic sense of humour. Bring on Stealth Inc 2 for the Wii U!stealthulti


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