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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies: Turnabout Reclaimed DLC

Wow, that’s an unwieldy title isn’t it? Phoenix Wright is one of my biggest gaming guilty pleasures, so I wouldn’t be able to hold out against the DLC forever. Happily, it’s one of the best cases in the series and without a doubt worth the £4 asking price.

Turnabout Reclaimed fits into an odd place in the fractured Dual Destinies chronology; after Apollo and Athena’s cases which introduced Simon Blackquill and Bobby Fullbright, but before the explosion in the courtroom which kicks off the game. It is in fact Phoenix’s first case after regaining his Attorney’s Badge following the events of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. The defendant in this case is one unlike any other; Orla Shipley, an orca, accused of the murder of Jack Shipley, the manager of the aquarium in which she is kept. Phoenix and Athena are recruited by Sasha Buckler, Orla’s keeper, to defend the orca in court.

So…yeah, even by Ace Attorney standards this case is goofy. It all works though! Although it is funny and silly, the case is actually a surprisingly interesting one, and the ridiculous concept doesn’t hold the case back from getting as intricate as these things can. The new characters are good, with Orla the Orca having a surprising amount of charm and character. This case cemented my fondness for Athena Cykes, and my belief (which would get me crucified in some corners of the internet) that she’s a better sidekick than the long absent Maya Fey (although it would be nice to see her again).

From a gameplay perspective…it’s all pretty much the same. There’s a flirting with bringing back some of the touch screen gimmicks from the original game’s fifth case, but it never really follows through. Still, when you play an Ace Attorney game you know what you’re getting.

Turnabout Reclaimed has a pleasant new handful of new anime cutscenes, which I felt were used much more effectively (and regularly) than in the main game. They’re still underused, but it’s good that they made the clear effort. In fact, ‘effort’ is one of the best things about this DLC. DLC can often feel half-baked and lacking the lustre of the main game, but Turnabout Reclaimed feels like the opposite, being one the nicest looking cases in the whole series, with some catchy new tunes to boot.

This is exactly what DLC should be; enjoyable, yet unnecessary for the main game, concise and, most importantly of all, good value for money. Turnabout Reclaimed is absolutely worth four quid if you have any fondness for this series.Turnabout-Reclaimed-Phoenix-Wright-630x354


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