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Fire Emblem: Awakening: Golden Pack DLC for Nintendo 3DS

The second DLC pack for Fire Emblem: Awakening serves a different purpose than the first, offering a steady path of riches and EXP rather than a focus on story or fan service. It’s actually the better package, offering a level of challenge utterly lacking in the first Champions of Yore pack.

There’s no plot arc between the three missions, or any real plot at all, but what is there is amusing and well written. The translation team for Fire Emblem: Awakening clearly have a lot of fun in their job, with a couple of thieves talking in ridiculous stereotypical Cockney rhyming slang and a group of menacing, but lonely, immortal warriors providing plenty of laughs.

The first mission gives us a group of enemies which drop insane amounts of gold, and the second EXP. These missions are really means to an end to shorten the grind rather than fun in their own right, but they serve their purpose well. The third mission is the star, a blisteringly difficult battle against the Dreadlords, who drop some epic weapons for your team. A simple map design combined with a small number of terrifyingly powerful foes provided a fun and challenging battle.

Although I enjoyed the Golden Pack more than the Champions of Yore, it’s really only worth it if you’re planning to keep playing Fire Emblem afterwards. It exists very much to supplement the main game, or future DLCs, so if you’ve finished the main game or don’t plan on purchasing any more DLC for Fire Emblem: Awakening, give this one a miss. fire-emblem-awakening-5a-e1360342057718


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