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Fire Emblem: Awakening: Champions of Yore DLC for Nintendo 3DS

Fire Emblem: Awakening is the first Nintendo game in which I’ve ever paid for DLC. It’s something we’ve come to expect everywhere else in the industry, but it feels really odd from Nintendo. To be fair to them, it’s hard to imagine Nintendo screwing over their customers as much as other companies, but their first foray into DLC is far from a success.

Champions of Yore is all about fan service to previous Fire Emblem games; Chrom and his army encounter ‘Old Man Hubba’, a fortune teller who has lost control of the Einherjar, cards which hold the essence of ancient heroes. Chrom is forced to battle these ancient heroes, who see Chrom and his band as simple brigands.

This DLC, which contains three missions, disappoints immediately by only containing one actual map played upon three times. For the money that’s charged, this is unacceptable. There’s no room for anything interesting tactically, due to this highly lazy move.

Although there’s some fan service-y fun to be had, the Einherjar aren’t nearly as interesting as they should be. There’s no real coherent plot to these three DLCs, which considering the strength of the plot of the main game is a sad surprise.

Champions of Yore, as well as being incredibly short, is very very easy if played at the end of the game, where I imagine most people will playing. Fire Emblem icons such as Marth, Roy, Ike and Lyndis are laughable jokes to defeat, undermining any of the epic feeling this DLC could have had. It surely wouldn’t have been difficult to implement a sliding difficulty to this DLC based on the players average level.

The player’s reward for completing the DLCs three mission is the addition of classic Fire Emblem characters to Chrom’s army. These characters have no conversations or support though, removing what was probably the most compelling element of the main game. They’re also completely useless in battle, and nothing but a liability for your better rounded main characters.

Champions of Yore is a highly disappointing debut release for Fire Emblem DLC; there’s potential there, and I loved Fire Emblem: Awakening enough that I’ll take any chance to jump back into it, but there are cheaper and more rewarding ways to do so. fire-emblem-awakening-chrom


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