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Far Cry 3: Deluxe Bundle DLC for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

As much as everyone hates it, pre-order DLC is here to stay. Locked on disc content is an infuriating fact of the game industry these days, with very few companies remaining pure (please Nintendo, please remain pure). I normally don’t bother with such things, but decided to give this one a go, because from the sound of it, the content was worthwhile and fun to play. These missions don’t feel like they’ve been stripped from the main campaign to sell back to us; I’ll never forgive Ubisoft for their frankly offensive Assassin’s Creed II DLC which did just that, or Bioware for the DLC exclusive Javik character in Mass Effect 3. The Deluxe Bundle DLC for Far Cry 3 isn’t nearly as bad as that, but is certainly a…ahem  ‘far cry’ from a decent DLC package.

The Deluxe Bundle DLC is a packaging together of the different pre-order DLC available for this game, with the main attractions being the Lost Expedition package, which contains two missions, and the Monkey Business DLC, which contains four missions. The Lost Expedition stuff doesn’t really have much of a story, but is packed with some eye wateringly awkward and out of place gaming references to things such as Portal and BioShock, although there is an interesting tie to the Assassin’s Creed universe which opens the possibility of Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed sharing a setting. The Monkey Business stuff introduces Hurk, a dumb, overweight American who pulls Jason into his attempts to join the Rakyat tribe by enlisting his help for a few missions.

This DLC doesn’t really add any new locations, and a disappointing amount takes place underground. Far Cry 3 was at its best in the open air, and these more constrained environments aren’t conducive to the open ended approach which made the game so successful. I’d love to see a DLC which added a new island, one quite different from the two in the main game, rather than being forced to fit into the constraints of the existing locations.

The Monkey Business pack is undermined by the fact that Hurk, clearly intended as comic relief, severely grates as a character. Perhaps if played alongside the main game Hurk would fit into the plot better, a naive and jolly idiot in a game filled with dark and tormented characters, but this character really does this DLC no favours. There’s not much plot to this DLC, certainly nothing which feels relevant to the main story, which is probably for the best as that would be a recipe for fan backlash.

The Deluxe Bundle is more of the same, but that’s not really an issue. I loved Far Cry 3, so more Far Cry 3 is something that I certainly appreciate. There are some really cool set piece moments, one during which you man a machine gun on a boat sticking out in particular, but by and large it’s just standard Far Cry 3 stuff. If you want something which adds something particularly new and interesting, perhaps you should  look elsewhere.

The Deluxe Bundle is, as these packages go, not that bad. There’s a decent amount of content here, but not enough for the price. For half the price this would be a decent package, but as is usually the case with DLC, there’s simply not enough content for the asking price. Far-Cry-3-Deluxe-Bundle-DLC


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