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Assassin’s Creed III: Hidden Secrets DLC for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC

Ok, just a quick one today. It’s no secret that I was unbelievably disappointed by Assassin’s Creed III, but despite that I still bought the Season Pass. The reason? See, starting soon is a three part DLC series starting known as ‘The Tyranny of King Washington’, set in a parallel universe in which George Washington crowned himself king, and Connor must take him down. I think that this is incredibly awesome, to the point that I’d happily put up with more Assassin’s Creed III to see how this plays out. With the Season Pass comes this pack, Hidden Secrets, a collection of the Pre-order and retailer exclusive DLC for the game, which I decided to give a go, because it was basically free.

This DLC is made up of a couple of new naval missions, which as the best part of the main game are certainly welcome, as well as a less successful new ‘Pegleg’ style mission set in a Mayan Temple. The Mayan Temple looks great though, with a pleasant jungle feeling rather than the forest of the main game. Of course, nothing is actually done with this different setting, but it…erm, still looked nice?

There’s no plot linking these missions, or any real sense of context, but considering that this is simply a collection of separate DLC packages this isn’t really surprising.

The Mayan mission, the main draw of this pack, sadly exposes a lot of what was wrong in this game. The structure is entirely linear, with an overreliance on scripted events with a constant wrestling of control away from the player. This DLC is also incredibly short; to complete all the new missions shouldn’t take you more than half an hour.

The Hidden Secrets DLC pack is most certainly not worth the money if bought separately of the Season Pass. I cannot emphasise this enough; do not buy this DLC separately. However, if you already have the Season Pass, give this a download, why not? If only for the new naval missions, which ran out in the main game far too soon. news_hidden_secrets_dlc_710x390tcm1976104


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