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Mutant Mudds: Granny DLC for Nintendo 3DS, PC and iOS

Mutant Mudds is a wonderful and underrated gem, one of the most fun, challenging and charming platformers released in the past few years and one of the highlights of the 3DS’s surprisingly impressive eShop. I was therefore very pleasantly surprised by the announcement of new free (free!) DLC for Mutant Mudds. Since this is free, I’m not really reviewing about whether it’s worth your money, but whether it’s worth your time, which it most certainly is!

Upon completing the main game with all the collectibles, the player unlocked the ability to play as the surprisingly badass grandmother of Max, the protagonist. Granny has the unique ability to use all three of the power ups available in the game at the same time, and as cool as this was we never really got a chance to use these powers. This new DLC releases 20 new levels, each designed with Granny’s ability to hover for a long time, shoot greater distances and send herself launching into the air in mind. The levels are hidden inside the other levels of the game, requiring the use of Granny’s unique combined abilities to reach them.

These levels are generally as fun and challenging as those in the main game, brutally difficult yet exquisitely balanced. There is slightly more  frustration in these levels than in those of the main game, as it’s easy to launch yourself into perils unseen from the starting position, but this is a minor quibble and considering that this DLC is free it’s hard to complain.

Sadly, the visuals aren’t quite up to the standard of the charming main game, largely due to the stylistic choice to set all the levels in CGA style graphics, similar to the Game Boy and Virtual Boy inspired levels of the main game. This means that most of the DLC takes place in a somewhat unappetising purple and blue colour palette. However, this is a game that’s really full of substance over style, so it’s not really a problem.

There’s really not much to say in this review; if you own Mutant Mudds and enjoyed it half as much as I did, play the Granny DLC, it’s free and entirely worth your time. mutant-mudds-grannie-3d.mpo


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