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Darksiders II: Abyssal Forge DLC for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

Darksiders II was probably one of my favourite games of this year, so I naturally always look forward to an opportunity to squeeze a little bit more out of it. What’s on offer in Abyssal Forge is some inventive, well designed fun that is over far, far too quickly.

If it were possible, Abyssal Forge has even less plot than the proceeding Argul’s Tomb DLC. Death finds himself in a strange, swamp like realm between heaven and hell, in which a rogue Maker had been imprisoned. Driven mad by his isolation, the Maker built the ‘Abyssal Forge’, a self replicating machine which desires only to spread throughout the many realms and gain dominance, something to which Death is unsurprisingly opposed. Unlike Argul’s Tomb, the Abyssal Forge doesn’t seem like it was clipped from the main game, but it’s still a thin tale which doesn’t seem to have much effort put into it.

Just as Argul’s Tomb focused upon the Portal gun-esque Voidwalker, Abyssal Forge focuses upon use of the ‘Soul Splitter’, which splits Death in two to solve puzzles. The puzzles are very well designed, and the dungeon featured in Abyssal Forge is absolutely up to the standards of those in the main game, even surpassing them at times. Sadly, there is only one of these dungeons, leaving this DLC feeling criminally short for the price. This DLC is simply not good value for money. There’s a fun boss fight at the end, and some new loot, but nothing which feels like it’s worth the price of entry. When compared to the effort some companies are beginning to put into DLC, Vigil are really behind the curve here.

Although the swampy setting of Abyssal Forge is unlike anywhere in the main game, it still doesn’t feel particularly interesting or atmospheric. One area of Argul’s Tomb which did shine was it’s beautiful icy vistas, and sadly Abyssal Forge lacks even that. It’s just not a fun setting to explore, and after the main story of the DLC was over I felt no drive to remain in the area and see more. One thing I do appreciate however is that Vigil keep the voice actor for Death around in the DLC, it really helps to keep the vibe which made me so fond of the main game.

Abyssal Forge is another disappointing DLC from Vigil that seems to have been rushed out to fulfil their DLC Season Pass obligations rather than coming from a genuine desire to extend their game. Since I was foolish enough to buy the Season Pass, hoping for a lot more than I got, I will eventually play the final DLC, ‘The Demon Lord Belial’, but I cannot claim to have high hopes. If all of these DLCs were combined into one we may have had a satisfactory pack on our hands, as the actual content of these DLCs are pretty great, but it’s hard not to feel completely cheated by Vigil. If you don’t own the Season Pass, this is most certainly not worth the price of entry. Darksiders-2-Abyssal-Forge-600x300


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